P-3 IOSC Overview

P-3 Cleaning Station Since 1988, the annual P‑3 International Operators Support Conference (IOSC) has been the forum where P‑3/CP‑140/L‑188 operators come together and share common concerns and successes. The purpose of the P‑3 IOSC is to identify, discuss and solve technical, maintenance and sustainment challenges being experienced in the international operator community. The conference sub-committees provide a working group atmosphere where contractors, vendors and operators can engage and discuss specific challenges and possible solutions available.

2014 P‑3 IOSC Briefs

Thank you to those who could attend the 2014 P-3 IOSC. The conference archives are now available for attendees.
Lockheed Martin New Wings - OEM Designed and Built
Customer Wings Ordered Wings Delivered
Canada 14 10
Norway 6 5
Taiwan 12 12
US Customs 14 12
US Navy 31 31
as of 5 June 2014
Contact: p3iosc.com@aol.com